Sunday, March 20, 2011

CyberFeast 2011: Artist Napkins in Gallery

CyberFeast 2011

A collaborative art project organized by
Serve & Project: Lisa Link & Io Palmer
Created by Io Palmer and Lisa Link, Serve & Project is a public art initiative that explores the cultural, political, and economic issues surrounding the production and consumption of food.

Artist Napkins in the Gallery

01. Serse Luigetti
Perugia, Italia

02. Ashley Anderson
Atlanta, GA

03. Danielle Giudici Wallis
Alameda, CA

04. Mary Walker West Kelowna B.C. Canada

05. Alanna Richardson
Norwich, Norfolk England

06. Janet Braun-Reinitz
Brooklyn, NY

07. Pat Davis
Pembroke, NH

08. Jaromir Svozilik OSLO,

09. Cynthia Milionis
San Francisco, CA

10. Rochelle Shicoff
Brooklyn, NY

11. Simon Warren

12. Mary Ann Castle
Bronx, NY

13. V. Rollins/Brittany Houk
Jenks, OK

14. Leo Morrissey
Winston-Salem, NC

15. Ann Mansolino
Whittier, CA

16. Chris Griffin
New York, NY

17. René Rodriguéz
Portland, OR

18. Io Palmer
Pullman, WA

19. Kevin Haas

20. Reza Safavi

Wendy DesChene’s Advanced Drawing Class

21. Bailey Parkerson

22. Madeline Sweeney

23. Ashley Stevens

24. Candice McCollough

25. Erin Edwards

26. Lindsey Wilson

27. Pleas Tolbert

28. Jessica Leonard

29. Cory Anchors

30. Tina McConnell

31. Terrica Payton

32. Rebecca Campomanes

33. Meghan Stewart

34. Kara Ffield

35. Cary Walker

36. Justin Foster

37. Krisanne Baker
Waldoboro, ME

38. Darrell U. Black
Frankfurt, Germany

39. Kim Rae Taylor
Cincinnati, OH

40. Ryosuke Cohen
Osaka, Japan

41. Melissa Eder
New York, NY

42. Claudia Sbrissa
Brooklyn, NY

43. Mae Aguinaldo
Makati City, Philippines

44. Gene Grabiner
Buffalo, NY

45. Ursula Kelly
London. UK

46. Jeni Wightman
Brooklyn, NY

47. Yoko Sekino-Bove for Elias Lyons and Peter Olson
Washington, PA

48. Mary K Weeks
Albany, NY

49. Brett Lysne
Pullman, WA

50. Aine Scannell

51. Jared Wittenmyer
Burlington, IA

52. Dickie Webb
Edinburgh UK

53. Wendy Deschene
Waverly, AL

54. Jonell Jaime Pulliam
Charleston, SC

55. Erik Benjamins
Boston, MA

56. Courtney Lee Weida
Bronx, NY

57. Calcagno Cullen
San Francisco, CA

58. Daniel de Culla
Burges, Spain

59. Cheryle Melander
Minneapolis, MN

Cyber Dinner Parties, Blog Contributors, & Artist-to-Artist Skype Sessions

Bill Fisher, Calcagno Cullen, Cori, Courtney Lee Weida; Dan and Laurie Crooke hosted a tasting, attendees included Margaret Root and Jeremy Thibodeaux; Erik Benjamins, Jonelle Jaime Pulliam hosted Four Simple Ingredients: A Happening with Amy Reed, Germaine Jenkins, Andre Barbosa, Donna Hurt, Lynne Riding, Kimberly McHenry Williams, Kim's mom, Anika Hall and Egyptt; Hui Ling Lee created Strange Food; Joyce Nadolny Shui and Ray Nadolny hosted a Cyberfeast Chinese New Years dinner with many attendees including Todd Remus and Michelle Borlaug; Keith Hershberger, Lisa Link hosted a dinner with Irene and Rus Yukhananov, Jeremiah, Jill Eskenazi, Olivia, Sarah, and Trevor; Maya Escobar and Sandi Gutstein hosted a dinner with Stacie, Manny, Celia, B, Jackie, Crystal, and Gonzalo; Maureen McManus, Monique Cuvelier, Patrick Holbrook hosted a dinner with attendees Zak Arctander, Alex Chitty, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Rachel James, Zach Lewis, Andrew Neher, Valerie Snobeck, Priscilla Briggs hosted a dinner, attendees included Cheryl Casteen, Christopher Weber, Cheryl Melander, Sarah Pedersen Byrnes, John Byrnes, Michael Touhey, Sarah Wieben, Io Palmer hosted a dinner with Reza Safavi and Kevin Haas.


  1. Hello, Sorry I've haven't had much time to contribute to this blog. I've been busy opening a small gallery in Portland, Oregon with another artist. Our Grand opening is April 8th, 2011ˈklektik/205689846124718