Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Four Simple Ingredients: A Happening for CyberFeast II

I was really excited to participate in CyberFeast II. Four Simple Ingredients: A Happening was inspired by Appetizer - The Wine Tasting that Became my Banquet; an event from CyberFeast I. As an avid bread maker and visual artist, I was particularly interested in the idea of Amish Friendship bread – a key element in that event. I liked the idea of simple elements coming together to create a delicious outcome. I also appreciated the notion of chance that was an element of that event. Chance is a part of my art making process.

Four Simple Ingredients was based on process of making friendship bread: simple materials, basic instruction, sharing creative energy, and collaboration. Our charge for the evening was to create a work of art that was somehow inspired by the food, conversations, and diverse artistic perspectives assembled at the Happening. Participants were invited to set up shop anywhere in the house, work individually or collaboratively, and use any materials available.

Ten people - artists, young designers, educators, and parents - attended the Four Simple Ingredients. The event began with a pot-luck dinner, that was collaboratively prepared or served. The menu included:

Fruit Salad with homemade yogurt dip
Assorted Cheeses, Dips, breads

Green Salad
Pasta with Italian Sausage and Garlic
Red Rice
Lime Roasted Chicken

Variety of Wines

Dump Cake

After dinner, the group organically divided up into the various spaces of the house and began creating art. The resulting work included ink and paper assemblage by artist Lynne Riding; a Bomb Pop painting by Andre Barbosa; a found-fabric skirt by Anika and Egyptt; an ink and graphite drawing by artist Kimberly McHenry-Williams; photo embroidery by Donna Hurt; a food painting by creative Germaine Jenkins; and an embroidered paper collaborative project by Amy Reed. I am currently working on the next phase of the project - napkins - inspired by the experience of the evening.




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