Monday, August 16, 2010


I had a lovely time creating/sculpting/baking Hamentaschen. I don't usually cook or bake - particularly not in the summer - so although it was only a small dessert, this was quite an experiment for me. The shopping alone felt like a ritual! Then late saturday night - technically sunday - I started gathering and mixing and rolling and cooking. (Not entirely unlike a late night studio session!)

As I mixed and stirred, I honestly wasn't sure it would work out. I didn't know when the dough was ready, versus just ingredients. It was almost like that moment where you wonder - is it art? I scorned sifting, whisking, and power mixing! This was the labor of my hands alone! (Well, ok, I don't have any of that equipment...) And soon enough my fiance fell asleep so I was on photo and baking duty.

The first batch came out tasty, but a bit bulky. I rolled thinner dough and used more jam (usually this would be poppy seed filling but I wanted to improvise with the jams I rarely use). It was fun to shape the triangles, like little hats. Once baked, I feasted first, then in true asynchonous/digital fashion, arranged future feasts for 1. my fiance 2. our friend who ran a marathon and was STARVING afterward 3. a friend in New Jersey.

Text/in person/phone responses: "Tasty treats!" "Can't wait to eat these" and "I wish there were more!"

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  1. Courtney,

    Thank you for posting and for baking in the summertime! I like your statement about it being not entirely unlike a late night studio session.

    It struck a chord with me because I think of how it is unusual for me to actually spend time gathering ingredients and trying a recipe beyond macaroni and cheese - it usually ends up being late at night and feels like some kind of art project (as opposed to how it might be for some older people in my family who actually cooked "for real". ).

    Our cooking is so instant in our home and usually rushing between jobs/driving kids around.

    Love the image of the red bowl! Also, the concept of something that was associated with a holiday baking off season and being a treat after a marathon!

    Look forward to skyping with you,