Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cyber Banquet #1

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Serve & Project's Cyber Banquet #1
2/27/2010 5:30 PST, 6:30 MST, 7:30 CST, and 8:30 EST

Join us for a global feast taking place February 27.
The inspiration is National Potato Lover's Month, National Kalua Day and the first night of the Jewish Holiday , Purim.

Artists Lisa Link and Io Palmer together make Serve and Project- a public art initiative that invites community to creatively collaborate about the making, production, and consumption of food. serveandproject.com

To celebrate National Potato Lover's Month (USA), and foster global dialogue, we invite you to participate in our inaugural Cyber Banquet Project by assembling a gathering of food and friends on the weekend of February 27th.

The Cyber Banquet Project will be featured at Here There and Everywhere - an exhibition that is part of Trans Cultural Exchange's international conference held in Boston in 2011, http://www.transculturalexchange.org/index2.html

Depending on where you are on the planet, this feast may be a pajama party, early morning breakfast or a midnight festivity. The idea is for all of us, across the globe to simultaneously be eating, talking, and contributing to the cyber-banquet blog.

Join in the long tradition of artists who create artwork about food as well as the artists who embrace a "conceptual" approach to the creation of art. For Serve &Project, the art is the communication.

Pre-Banquet Activities and Settings:

Items you will need include:
  • One computer or mobile device
  • Digital camera
  • Audio recorder (if available)
  • Internet access (Skype or something similar)
  • Paper or cloth napkins, pen and pencils
To creatively record this event we ask that hosts make available some type of recording device such as , paper or cloth napkins for participants to draw on, a digital camera or audio recording device to record banquet conversation.

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