Monday, February 22, 2010

Cyberfeast -- Chinese New Year's Williston North Dakota

Chinese New Year (the Year of the Tiger began on 2/14) is the most important cultural Chinese celebration, lasting up to 15 days. On February 27th (still within the official 15-day celebration period!), we will be having a tiny family celebration in Williston, North Dakota (well, as "tiny" as it can be with four children, two adults, and hopefully some guests). The Chinese population in Williston is truly tiny but the Chinese celebratory spirit is (and will be on February 27th) HUGE!


  1. Hello Joyce,
    So nice to see you will be celebrating the Chinese New Year this weekend. I also just participated in a lovely New Year party here in Pullman Washington. We made duplings !
    See you saturday.

    Io Palmer

  2. I thought I had uploaded updates and photos but it looks like I didn't. Bummer. It was tons of fun and I wish I had done a better job participating in the blog so I can read it again now in 2014! Joyce