Saturday, February 19, 2011

Project Overview

I CyberFeast Napkins: 2010-12
Participants are mailing napkins with imagery that documents a meal or other interpretation of food from different perspectives: cultural, personal, political. Napkins were shown at the Hampden Gallery, March/April 2011 in conjunction with the Conference on International Opportunities in the Arts: The Interconnected World organized by TransCultural Exchange. Map below includes links to participants and examples of their work.

In May 2012, Cyberfeast will travel to the Park National Bank Art Gallery and be shown as part of the Kitchen Gallery Exhibit. Thank you to professor Kim Taylor for inviting the project to the gallery.

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webcams Web cams represent the Skype artist-to-artist sessions summer/fall 2010 - also sent napkins.
mailed napkins Envelopes represent the napkin drawings mailed to us 2010/2011.
cyberfeasts Utensils represent the Cyberfeast Night
blog contributions Push pin represents blog post contributors.

webcamsII Skype Artist-to-Artist Sessions
First Skype meeting with artist, shown below Io and Lisa meet with Jonell Jaime Pulliam, August 2010. Meetings with other artists followed.

cyberfeasts III CyberFeast Night - Project Begins!
2/27/2010 5:30 PST, 6:30 MST, 7:30 CST, and 8:30 EST, series of dinner parties and conversations across time zones in the USA.

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