Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Napkin is in the mail! I was thinking about being a kid in the 70’s… my parents were divorced and we used to have dinner with my Dad every Wednesday night. We’d usually head to McDonald’s, which at the time, seemed like a special treat. So, for my submission I wanted to use a disposable paper napkin, preferably with some sort of fast food logo on it. I went to the usual suspects to collect materials: McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC. None of the places I visited had napkins readily available. I approached the counter and made up an excuse about spilling something and just needing a few for cleaning up. The folks at the counter doled the napkins out sparingly. They no longer had embossed logos or anything signifying their restaurant of origin. I was somehow surprised to discover these odd facts, but figured it all boils down to economics… at least they were saving paper? And then I started thinking more about economics, fast food and obesity and feeling a little sick to my stomach. I reflected on the last time I had been at McDonald's. It was with my kids... they call it Barf Donalds. Maybe there is hope?

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  1. Hi,
    I am intrigued - will have to run down to the nearest McDonalds and check out the napkins. It's been a while - I worked there once - had a slight mishap with the milkshake machine - went everywhere - haven't been back much since. Your post brought back memories of our dad, in the 70s, taking us out for the big treat to Burger King because they "flame broiled" the burgers.

    Look forward to seeing the napkin!