Wednesday, February 23, 2011

more napkins, my napkins...

I've enjoyed seeing what others are posting, and thus thought I'd share what I've made for the show too. My napkins are fictional records of the the social/emotional/psychological aspects of food and meals.

This one is the relationship tension dinner napkin, addressing meals and food as both context and metaphor for interpersonal relationships.

Then, there's this more psychological exploration of someone's relationship to food: the napkin that keeps all of the parts of the meal separate, because everything will be okay only if nothing touches.

All of the ingredients are in separate, sealed packets, and the text says things like "if nothing is touching, it will all be okay, I will be okay..." It's fiction, yes! I'm not really like this. I promise.

This one ended up being a bit bigger than it should've been -- sorry Lisa and Io! -- if you need to fold it when you hang it up to make it fit the 10" limit for the exhibition, go ahead.

Anyway... really fun to work on. Thanks for creating a project that allowed us to explore materials and contexts for our work that we may not have otherwise... and for providing this means of seeing what others are creating too!


  1. Hi,
    your "relationship/tension" napkin really hit home for me (Lisa) - wish I could say that every meal with every person in life is always a celebration but not the case... thanks for sharing this! Look forward to seeing it in person when they arrive here in MA.

    Lisa Link

  2. I really like this one. Very compartmentalized, orderly and OCDish. The best part is that it looks like conceptual art too.