Saturday, March 20, 2010

Joyce's Cyberfeast in North Dakota

Serve & Project Cyberfeast #1
Williston, North Dakota, Chinese New Year Celebration, at the Nadolny-Shui Home
guest starring "The Purple School" rewards system

Introduction of Evening
Joyce's welcome

Cong You Bing


Steamed lemon chicken on a bed of spinach | Recipe >>
Cucumber salad which Joyce forgot to serve | Photo >>
Homemade spinach dumplings with handmade dough

Homemade pork dumplings ( partial video on how to make them)

Asparagus, shrimp and pork stir-fry (we forgot to photo this sorry!)
Peanut noodles | Recipe >>
Dou-ban-yu (to represent the concept of "nian nian you yu", i.e. abundance year after year)
(again, we forgot to take a photo, but click here for a beautiful photo of someone else's "failure" - it seems way too beautiful to have been a failure)

Happy New Year!

So many of the kids remembered how to say "xin-nian-kuai-le" that we needed a tie breaker. There were 10 kids at the get-together. All were girls except for Connor. Connor got the prize for being the only boy at the event (and surviving!).


Oranges (Chinese desserts are often "just" fruit)
Sticky cake "nian gao" recipe >>

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