Sunday, May 27, 2012

Serving Lives

On the morning of March 11, 2011, I was at a hotel room in Paris with my friend Greta. Flipping
channels, I found myself staring at the Big Wave washing everything away over and over again. It looked so surreal. From the moment, I was glued to TV and Internet news trying to comprehend what was really happening. Deeply saddened for the people affected, I had the urge to make art and do something for Japan.

Back in Dublin Ireland where I was residing at that time, I started reaching out. Jenn Kirby, my musician friend joined me. And I met a girl, Chika, from Fukushima, Japan, then accordingly was introduced Riken Komatsu, a photographer living in Fukushima who was documenting the entire phenomena. He kindly let me use his photos for my project. With Jenn’s music, I put Riken’s photos together and made a video. On April 3, 2011, at Centre For Creative Practice, Dublin, I did a performance for Tsunami Fundraising.  This is how Riken, Jenn and I connected together.

In September 2011, Io Palmer invited me to work on “Serve and Project” conducted by Io & Lisa. I had a solid idea in my heart of “ how noble is it is to feed people” by seeing all those images from Riken. When I saw his photos of serving food, I immediately got the theme “ Serving Life”.

Serving food for people literally serves lives. As a starving artist myself, getting food is always  a priority and I have worked for food just to survive number of times. I can not forget all the people who have kept me alive by feeding me. And this is the theme of my artwork “Serving Life” with photos by Riken Komatsu.   
We can only survive by serving each other.  

Riken Komatsu, Web Magazine

Riken Komatsu, photo, Jenn Kirby, music,

Riken Komatsu, photo, Jenn Kirby, music, Hiromi Okumura, edit and performance, 

Hiromi Okumura
May, 2012


  1. Jenn Kirby has a fantastic website for her music.
    Please visit;

    Currently, Jenn is based at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland and very active in music world.

  2. Hiromi, thank you for sharing and reminding about world events impacting so many lives,
    Lisa Link