Friday, January 28, 2011

Digging the Change

I have never been so dirty on the New Year.

In honor of the birth of 2011, one of my closest friends and I embarked on a major project - redesigning my existing garden. The goal is to use my space more effectively so that I can grow more food, use less water, and preserve soil. My target for the year is grow at least 50% of my family's vegetables. 

To be honest, however its not just about us. In our time of food insecurity and increased financial hardship, I hope to encourage others to champion creativity, community effort, and self reliance. This little plot of earth can be a place for creativity and collaboration. In CyberFeast, we've seen how food can bring people together with a creative end. Can you imagine the change and creative power that can come from a living, evolving, and sustaining environment?

I'm digging that change.


  1. That is so great! I am inspired! We live in the city in a multi-family building but we do have a front porch that gets lots of light and maybe this year we can have an herb garden! Any suggestions on the best edible things to grow indoors for a non-gardener?


    Lisa Link

  2. Hi Lisa,

    A front porch is fabulous. You can easily grow kitchen garden with various types of basil, oregano, thyme, mint and even rosemary in pots or self watering containers. You can also grow greens and lettuce, strawberries, and cukes if you have a trellis for them.

    You can also use those coco-lined hanging baskets to grow tomatoes. Just cut a hole in the bottom and insert the roots of the plant through that hole to make your own topsy turvey. You can then plant a few herbs at the top.

    Here's a great link to see how to make self watering container if you are feeling creative:

    I am beginning to see some sproutlets coming up. Will update the site soon, and share some of the communal art work that comes with it!